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Readers' Favorite Review of Never Alone

Reviewed by Patsy Glans for Readers' Favorite - 5 out of 5 Stars Danny O'Neal is a first year prosecuting attorney and he feels overwhelmed at times. His fellow first year attorney friends kid him about his faith. He brings out his Bible at times when he is not sure what he should do, both in his private life and also in his career. It has served him well in the past and he does not plan to change how he solves problems. When a high profile case is in front of Danny, the other side pulls out all the stops, including putting Danny and his friends in harm’s way. Danny has asked his friends to meet him at the local caves. They have explored these caves before and they have always come out without any problems. They always take the necessary precautions while exploring; this time should not be any different. While in the cave, an unknown danger has entered behind them and has removed the lifeline rope they had tied to the post at the opening. These six friends will now have to rely on each other and their individual faith to come out of this terror alive and in one piece. Are you brave enough to explore caves which have a history of being extremely dangerous? Could you convince five of your closest friends to come with you, knowing one of them has a deep fear of being in dark, enclosed places? Doug Dorsey has written a jaw dropping, edge of your seat book. His characters are interesting enough to get to know better and the storyline is flawless with twists the reader will not see coming. Once starting to read, fans will not be able to put it down until they turn the last page.

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