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The Never Alone Series is a set of 7 faith-based fictional legal thrillers. Books 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Never Alone, Broken HeroThe Deception & The Red Ledger) are already available at many of the major book retailers. Book #5 is scheduled to be released in 2023. Meanwhile, two riveting new series debuted in early 2022 - The Betrayal: Book 1 of 3 in the Blue Lotus Project (SciFi Suspense genre) and Kick Ball Slay: An Introduction to West Coast Swing... And a Murder Mystery (Detective Series). More exciting books in all 3 series coming soon!!

never, alone, book, Christian, fiction, suspense, Dorsey, series
Never Alone

ISBN: 978-0-615-58843-8

The first book in the Never Alone Series.  Danny O'Neal and five of his closest friends are first-year prosecuting attorneys doing their best to make a difference in the justice system.  But the challenges they face in the courtroom are nothing compared to those they experience on a simple cave exploration trip gone horribly wrong.  Now the only thing standing in the way of a terrifying fate in the darkest of places is Danny's unwavering faith in God.

broken, hero, never, alone, book, Dorsey, Christian, fiction, suspense, series, novel
Broken Hero

ISBN: 978-0-615-87220-9

The second book in the Never Alone Series.  After a terrifying experience lost in the dark recesses of a cavern, Erin Maddox emerges a stronger person.  Her newfound resolve quickly serves her well as a prosecuting attorney.  A feared drug lord has introduced a new substance called Hypnotic into the market and the addictive effects are absolutely devastating.  As more become enslaved by the drug's almost supernatural qualities, Erin learns an unlikely team -  a drifter and a cop - need her help to put an end to the intensifying evil.  Each step only seems to bring the trio closer to certain death, but with God guiding their way there is always hope.

broken, hero, never, alone, book, Dorsey, Christian, fiction, suspense, series, novel
The Deception

ISBN: 978-0-692-28899-3

The third book of the Never Alone Series offers a thrilling glimpse into the adventures of Chris Washington, a rookie agent with the elite protective division in the US Secret Service. Tasked with assisting a team of veteran agents in what appears to be a routine international investigation, Agent Washington uncovers a terrorist plot that will affect even the most vital aspects of American security. Can Agent Washington overcome his inexperience and eliminate the hidden danger in time? Or, will the sinister deception taking place result in unimaginable tragedy? As the mystery unvavels, Agent Washington will face a far greater challenge than anyone would have ever imagined.

one, man, nealis, book, jim, dr., non-fiction, oneman
The Red Ledger

ISBN: 978-0-692-70112-6

In the fourth book of the Never Alone Series, Tyler Donovan, the Director of the U.S. Attorneys Office in Washington, D.C., takes the lead in investigating an international mystery. Some of the wealthiest digital money investors from around the world are showing up dead. The deeper Tyler digs into the mystery, the more evident it becomes that there are worldwide ramifications at stake. Making matters worse, their fiercest enemy has planned a terrible fate for one of the six friends. As the dangers only intensify, will Tyler be able to head off the coming disaster in time? And, will this mean the end for one of his closest friends? One thing is certain, Tyler is in for a fast-paced and incredible adventure.

The Betrayal book cover
The Betrayal

ISBN: 979-8-9856953-0-4

After a series of cataclysmic events, a team of scientists creates a new and fascinating machine - the Blue Lotus - to assist the government in restoring worldwide order. Meanwhile, under the auspices of ending extremism and achieving conformity, a powerful leader, the Sovereign Alexander Wraith, unifies the remaining countries under his singular authority. Global peace is finally achieved, but at a grave cost...

Now, with all of the world's forces behind him, Wraith unleashes his massive military might on the last remnants of defiance, a rebel Christian group still willing to fight for their freedoms. Despite the Sovereign's immense power, and against impossible odds, the renegade resistance, led by two highly unlikely heroes - Jessica Cyprus and Liam Adler, risks everything to save humanity. All the while, unaware of the horrifying repercussions in store for them once the government unveils the mind-altering capabilities of the Blue Lotus.

Time is running out... and as a result of a terrible betrayal, the situation is far worse than anyone could possibly imagine...

Kick Ball Slay: An Introduction to West Coast Swing... And a Murder Mystery

ISBN: 979-8-9856953-3-5

Assigned to investigate a series of deaths, Detective Evann Myrick quickly learns that the competition circuit in West Coast Swing is full of suspense... intrigue... conflict... and apparently even murder. Now he’ll have to dance with danger to solve a mystery unlike any other, while pursuing a killer who appears a step (and triple-step) ahead of him at every twist, spin and quarter-turn. Will Myrick be able to figure out who is slaying the competition on the dance floor... and off of it? Or will a perpetrator seemingly in lockstep with death outwit him? Get ready for a killer good read, while also learning some valuable West Coast Swing dancing tips and tricks along the way!

one, man, nealis, book, jim, dr., non-fiction, oneman
One Man

ISBN: 061512688X

An inspiring book by Dr. Jim Nealis.  An old knight.  An eccentric sailor.  A Brigadier General.  An ex-slave.  A professor of oratory.  What do all of these brave men have in common?  They were all once ordinary men who performed extraordinary feats and, by doing so, forever changed the course of history.  It's time for each of us to force change in our culture and our country.  The fact that one man can make a difference is actually substantiated by the fact that it is usually one man that does!

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